Hi Nostradamus fans!

Thank you for all your support. "My Mommy" continues to be very popular! In addition to the two songs from our CD, I have included one of my own here entitled "It's Too Bad". I recorded that one with the help of a song arranger some months ago. Hope you like!

Today is the second anniversary of my band mate and best friend Mari Ann's passing away. It is a somber day for me. I still carry on the musical dream we shared and will continue sharing her songs with the world for as long as I live. Mari Ann left me many other nice ones that never got on a CD and my hope is to get these recorded someday.

Yesterday, one of my online friends released an album on Apple Music featuring some Nostradamus tunes mixed with some from various artists. The album is called 'Mermaid' and is available for purchase. Please check it out! Here is the link:


Have a great evening,

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